About Reven Design

Avant-Garde Photography & Design

Reven Design started as many ventures do, with a cup of tea.

From a love of Norway and woodland foxes came the name Reven Design. Along with a passion for all things photography and design came a world immersed in colour, creativity and happy thoughts.

With a camera in hand, Director Nicola Leigh has been at the heart of some of the best photography in the North West, with an adaptive style and strong work ethic, she has captured a wide range of events in true exuberance. From high profile music events, to theatre, to specialist weddings, to having her work featured in a global publication and art galleries. A regular photographer on the wedding circuit, Nicola has demonstrated skill and precision in making each image a masterful piece of art. Essentially her passion starts with the people she works with, unassuming and open to suggestion she ensures that she applies her creative skill to tailor for each demand.

The Reven Design creative spectrum doesn’t end there, with a range of  graphic design expertise also backing up the highly creative team. Reven Design is continually making huge strides since setting down some dainty roots in 2009, with buckets of hard work, a passionate acquired network of talented and supportive people and a whole lot of fun, has got Reven Design to spread those roots and plant itself firmly in the minds of the artistic, photographic and design community. We want to make you smile, we want to share some passions, and we want to make things happen.

So come and have a cup of tea and we’ll talk about what we can do for you.